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Barbara Stern, one of the founding members of the Attachment Network of Connecticut, has been an educator for over 35 years as an elementary teacher, consultant and school principal. She received a BS from the University of Wisconsin, an MS from Bank Street College of Education, an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and a 6th year degree in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. 


Her long experience has taught her that the most effective way to support children’s learning and exploration is to promote secure attachment through positive, healthy relationships with the adults who teach and care for them. Prior to her 15 years as a school principal Barbara was the program manager at the Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University for the Comer/Zigler initiative. Currently she is the lead consultant for the United Way of Greater New Haven Secure Start initiative. In that capacity she provides professional development for educators on attachment theory and its relevance to their work with children in schools and childcare programs. She also facilitates Circle of Security ™ groups for early childhood teachers and childcare providers, and follow-up coaching to support application of the attachment lens in their every-day practice with children and their families. 


The idea that warm, nurturing relationships matter for optimal learning, brain development, and general happiness, is universally accepted among educators. She has discovered in the past 6 years that teaching educators about attachment theory and guiding them through Circle of Security ™ provides a roadmap for connecting this abstract and lofty idea to on-the ground professional practice.


Barbara has presented her workshop “Using a New Lens: The Power of Connection and Relationships” to audiences working with children ages birth through grade 12, special education PreK-12, and to public school administrators.

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