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Maureen Del Vicario

Maureen Del Vicario is the Group and Family Engagement Supervisor for the Family Home Visiting Partnership of New Haven (formerly Nurturing Families) at Fair Haven Community Health Care.  

Maureen’s first introduction to attachment parenting started in 1990, after the birth of her first child, when she attended a meeting of La Leche League (LLL), an international, volunteer organization providing mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.  Maureen became a LLL Leader and provided breastfeeding and attachment parenting support to mothers through monthly support group meetings for 19 years. Maureen has also served LLL of CT and the LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education in numerous capacities.  Currently, Maureen serves as the Communication Skills Instructor for LLL of CT providing training in effective communication skills. Maureen also serves on the LLL Alliance staff as an Assistant Communication Skills Department Administrator. 

Although she was formerly employed as a computer programmer, Maureen’s passion for positive attachment caused her to rethink her career goals.  In 2011, Maureen discovered her new career path when she joined the Nurturing Families program as a Home Visitor.  From there, Maureen moved on to working as a Care Coordinator in the Wrap Around CT program, whose clients often exemplified the impact of poor attachment.  After returning to school to earn her Masters in Family and Human Development, Maureen obtained her “dream job” as a Clinical Supervisor for the Nurturing Families program (now the Family Home Visiting Partnership) at Fair Haven Community Health Care. 

Maureen believes the most important thing for a person to become a happy, healthy adult is having a positive attachment during infancy and early childhood. Conversely, Maureen believes the lack of positive attachment in early childhood is at the root of every dysfunctional adult relationship.  For this reason, Maureen believes the work of the Attachment Network of CT is vital to the future of our society!  

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