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Patricia Berky

Patricia Berky, LMSW, CTPEC (4) manages the largest parenting program in the state of Connecticut, Saint Francis Hosptial Parenting Support Services serving hundreds of families annually throughout the Greater Hartford area.  Since 2005, Patricia has been committed to helping improve the lives of children through positively impacting parent/child interactions.  With a masters degree in Social Work Administration and Casework with a focus on women and children, Patricia is also trained in Circle of Security Parenting and Triple P Positive Parenting Program Level 4 and Teen curriculums.  Patricia is committed to making connections for parents and caregivers of children of all ages by teaching the importance of secure attachment.  Patricia is also committed to making connections for Parenting Educators throughout the state as a leader of Connecticut Parenting Education Network.  As a parent and professional, Patricia is driven by the generational impact positive parenting has on the individual, the family and the community, locally and globally.

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